3 Publishing Game Changers You Might Be Skipping

Processes are a part of any type of job — whether it involves data, gardening, or construction.

Yet, the fun processes involved in creative work are often the aspects that cause it to be regarded as trivial.

“Real work” isn’t fun, right?

But consider this: Lackluster content is the result of a lack of fun.

Creative processes that support businesses are centered around enthusiasm. From that joyful place, you’re positioned to put the utmost care into your writing.

If you’re not approaching your projects with the right amount of cheer, you might skip three publishing game changers that help produce content worth reading.

Game Changer #1: Design your personal transformation

"Scaling creativity requires productivity." – Kelton Reid

This might sound self-centered, but raise your hand if you’ve ever started a project with selfless intentions and never finished it? (I’m raising my hand.)

If we focus too much on trying to help others and lose sight of what we want to get out of our work, we can become uninspired and burned out — even about goals we were once excited about achieving.

So, take your wild creativity and tame it into a productive routine that leads you toward more of what you want in your life.

Your strong vision of wellbeing for yourself will also show up in the form of better content topics, products, and services.

Game Changer #2: Forget about the size of your audience

"It's your job to be the Chief Empathy Officer for your audience." – Sonia Simone

Now that you’ve established the personal transformation you’re hoping to see as you publish content, it’s time to turn to the source of all good things for your business: your audience.

Remember that large audiences are built from individual connections over time.

Accordingly, as you grow your audience, stop trying to serve 1,000 people and focus on one person. You’ll discover that your presentations become more detailed, specific, and relatable.

Still not convinced?

If you set out to change the lives of 1,000 people, but only a handful of people read your content, it might feel like your efforts are a waste and that you might never achieve your goal.

But if you stick to reaching and helping just one person, you’ve done your job, and you feel encouraged to continue working.

A very narrow objective keeps you motivated because your desired outcome is more attainable.

Game Changer #3: Edit yourself

I'm the hero of this story. Don't need to be saved. Regina Spektor, “Hero”

The Joy of Cooking is one of the United States’s most published cookbooks.

Well, this Game Changer is about The Joy of Editing.

Although I’ve lightened up my previously harsh view of grammar checkers, we still have a problem.

And that problem occurs when a writer treats running their content through a grammar checker as their “editing process.” Your grammar checker will never be your editor.

Editing is problem-solving. It takes time to spot and update errors and inconsistencies the writer has overlooked — especially when that writer is … you.

When you edit, you eliminate any confusing aspects that might disrupt the reader, which go beyond grammar and spelling mistakes.

Having fun while shaping up incomplete sections, deleting tangents, and optimizing your structure enables you to craft a piece of writing into a transformative experience.

Hone your revision skills and make the winning judgment calls yourself.

Publishing, just for the fun of it …

You can simultaneously take your writing seriously and approach it with levity.

In the process of executing these three publishing game changers, you’ll draft handcrafted content that attracts the right prospects to your business.

Credits: CopyBlogger 2021

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